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You know what I’m really looking forward to? All the tension that will come out of Oliver and Felicity KNOWING how they feel in the new season, and still not being together. It’s allllll going to be deliciously out in the open - every scene infused with the tension and knowledge…just imagine the intensity of the shared looks and the weight behind the smallest touches.

God I can’t wait….and it all starts NEXT MONTH. It’s FINALLY NEARLY HERE!

"Emily and i are really good friends"


Stephen Amell at FanExpoCanada

My Olicity Predictions for the Premiere.


  • 2-3 kisses
  • Oliver babbles while asking her. (There’s definitely more to that scene than what the promo showed)
  • Felicity calling it a “date-date.”
  • A heart wrenching mutual break up
  • Diggle and Roy having made some kind of bet on Olicity
  • Mutual declaration of love and feelings.
"Oliver smiles a lot this season"


-Stephen Amell-

And after the rumors of Olicity having sex in the premiere…


Captain Amell sailing the Olicity ship ;)


Captain Amell sailing the Olicity ship ;)

Felicity and I…

-Stephen Amell at Fan Expo-

Yeah, Captain…

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OMG did you see the trailer with the olicity kiss??


Yes, and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched it.. image

This is what chemistry looks like. 

Do you ever just think about at exactly what point this season Felicity will wear green? Because she will.
We have a flirty flirt gaze, we have an almost kiss, we have Oliver asking Felicity out and actually going out with her, we have her hurt and Oliver wanting revenge… All of this in a simple trailer. So, my question is: what can we expect of a 48min episode??


Our death

Stephen Amell + finding out about the Olicity Kiss on Twitter (x)